Imam Yassine Writings

The project of Imam Yassine [may God preserve him] has begun with the first two books entitled respectively: “Islam between the Appeal and the State” (1972) and “Tomorrow Islam!” (1973) which laid down the fundamentals and bases of “the School of The Prophetic Method [Madrasat as-Sulūk al-Minhāji]”, then the book of “The Prophetic Method [al-Minhāj an-Nabawi]” (1982) which comprises the great marks of the school presenting an integrated and complete educational, spiritual and political conception of the Islamic dynamism (that is why this book is considered the ideological framework of the Justice and Spirituality Movement). Other books have come to expound the details of this conception in various disciplines. For instance:

“Islam and the Challenge of Secular Nationalism” (1989) deals with the position from Nationalism and the harm it has caused the umma and from the secular thesis.“Reflections on Islamic Jurisprudence and History” 1990 sets forth the view to Muslims’ history and its relationship with the developments of Islamic jurisprudence.“Guide to Believing Women” (in two Volumes) 1996 in which Imam Yassine propounds the position of Muslim women in the battle of change and construction in a complete freedom from the strict traditional view and the liberal western view.Al-Ihsān [Spirituality] (in two Volumes) 1998-1999 which is the mainstay of “the Project of the Prophetic Method” due to of its deep analysis to Sufism and its affirmation as to the centrality of the educational basis in the Islamic Action. The book elucidates perfectly the contents of “Spirituality” the second part of the slogan of the school of the Prophetic Method, that is “Justice and Spirituality”.“Justice: Islamists and Power” 2000 represents a complete theorization of the Islamic rule, the obstacles awaiting the Islamists (1) and the ways to encounter them. It therefore clarifies the contents of “Justice” the first part of the aforementioned slogan.In “A Dialog with Honorable Democrats” 1994, “On the Economy” 1995, “Shūra and Democracy” 1996, “Dialog of the Past and the Future” 1997, and “Dialog with an Amazighit Friend” 1997 Imam Yassine sets forth the view of the school of the Prophetic Method as for a number of contemporary values and principles such as democracy, capitalist and socialist economy, Amazighism and other topics.“Winning the Modern World for Islam” 2000, the English translation of Imam Yassine’s “Islamiser la Modernité” 1998. The primary concern of the book is “to make known the message of the Qur’ān: a message of peace for a violent world, a message of sanity for a directionless world, a spiritual message for an ailing modern humanity (Foreword).” The Imam seeks to “clarify the ideas and the ideals that Muslims can share among themselves and with people of good will and sketch the framework within which harmony can be attained, and the causes of discord between Islam and modernity can be undone (Introduction).”

The following is a list of Imam Yassine’s bestselling books, the bulk of which can be found in the Encyclopedia “Siraj”:

Translated in English:

1- Memorandum: To Him Who Is Concerned (An open letter in French to the country’s new king, Mohamed VI), 1999

2- Winning the Modern World for Islam, 2000

3- The Muslim Mind on Trial: Divine Revelation versus Secular Rationalism, 2003

4- Day and Night Schedule of the Believer (A book in Arabic and English), 2007

5- The Last Testament Imam Abdessalam Yassine, 2014

5- Muslim Women: Jouney into the Light Volume 1, 2016

6- Muslim Women: Jouney into the Light Volume 2, 2019

In Arabic (Titles translated in English):

1- Islam between the Appeal and the State, 1972

2- Tomorrow Islam!, 1973

3- Islam—or the Flood (An Open Letter to the Late King of Morocco), 1974

4- Toward a Dialog with our Westernized Elite (Translation), 1980

5- The Royal Century Missive in the Balance of Islam, 1980

6- The Prophetic Method [al-Minhāj an-Nabawi], 1982

7- Islam and the Challenge of Marxism-Leninism, 1987

8- Exemplary Men (1st in the series Al-Ihssān), 1988

9- Introductions to the Method, 1989

10- Islam and the Challenge of Secular Nationalism, 1989

11- Reflections on Islamic Jurisprudence and History, 1990

12- Spiritual Gems (A Collection of Poems), 1992

13- The Muslim Mind on Trial: Divine Revelation versus Secular Rationalism, 1994

14- A Dialog with Honorable Democrats, 1994

15- Letter of Reminder (1st in the series Rasa’il Al-Ihsān), 1995

16- On the Economy, 1995

17- Letter to Students and to all Muslims (2nd in the series Rassa’il Al-Ihssân), 1995

18- Guide to Believing Women, 1996

19- Shūra and Democracy, 1996

20- Poetic Exhortations (3rd in the series Rasa’il Al- Ihsān), 1996

21- Dialog of the Past and the Future, 1997

22- Dialog with an Amazighit Friend, 1997

23- Spirituality [Al-Ihssān] V1, 1998

24- How Shall We Renew Our Iman? How Do We Advise For God’s Sake And His Messenger? (1st in the series “The Prophetic 25- Method Discourses”), 1998

26- Al-Fitra And The Remedial Treatment Of Prophecy For Hearts (2nd in the series “The Prophetic Method Discourses”), 1998

27- Spirituality [Al-Ihssān] V2, 1999

28- Memorandum: To Whom It May Concern (Traslation), 1999

29- Hearts Sincerity (3rd in the series “The Prophetic Method Discourses”), 1999

30- Braving the Obstacles (4th in the series “The Prophetic Method Discourses”), 1999

31- Justice: Islamists and Governance, 2000

32- Bunches of Grapes (A Collection of Poems in 10 volumes), 2000-2019

33- Winning the Modern World for Islam (Translation), 2000

34- The Scholarly Treatise, 2001Caliphate and Monarchy, 2001

35- Exemplary Men of Uprising and Reform, 2001

36- Day and Night Schedule of the Believer, 2002

37- The Price (5th in the series “The Prophetic Method Discourses”), 2004

38- God’s Custom, 2005Introductions to the future of Islam, 2005

39- Day and Night Schedule of the Believer (A book in Arabic and English), 2007

40- Leadership of the Umma, 2009

41- Qur’ān and Prophecy, 2010

42- Bonding the Muslim Community, 2011

43- Branches of Faith (in 2 volumes), 2018

Translated in Arabic (Titles translated in English):

1- Toward a Dialogue with our Westernized Elite, 1980

2- Memorandum: To Whom It May Concern, 1999

3- Winning the Modern World for Islam, 2000

In French:

1- La révolution à l’heure de l’Islam, 1980

2- Pour un dialogue avec l’élite occidentalisée, 1980

3- Islamiser la modernité, 1998

4- Memorandum: à qui de droit, 1999

Translated in Frensh:

1- Mon-Testament, 2014

2- Histoire et Droit musulmans : Ruptures passées et à venir, 2015

Translated in Spanish:

1. Memorandúm a Quien Corresponda, 1999

2. El último Testamento, 2014

Translated in German:

1. Memorandum an wen es angeht, 1999

2. IslamischerVernunftappell an die Moderne, 2000

3. Tag und Nacht des Gläubigen, 2013

Translated in Türkçe:

1. Nebevi Yöntem Eğitim-Yapılanma-Hareket, 2012

2. Sünnetullah, 2012

3. Hilafet Ve Saltanat, 2012

4. Direliş Ve Islah Önderleri, 2012

Translated in Italian:

1- Il Giorno E la Notte Del Credente, 2013

2- Il mio testamento, 2014


4- Introduzione alla Spiritualità Musulmana, 2016

Translated in Russian:

Испытание мусульманского разума, 2014

Translated in Ukrainian:

Випробування мусульманського розуму, 2014

Translated in Urdu:

اسلام اور جديد يوروپي فلسفة حيات, 2017

Translated in Malay: